Reputable Management


• Vision


To be among the leading ship-manning agencies in the country, creating and developing a competent, qualified, properly certificated and highly-skilled seafarer to its valued principal.


• Mission


Our Company is committed to:


• Providing all appropriate resources needed to ensure that the Principals’ requirements and customer needs are complied with;


• Maintaining organization managers and personnel with appropriate education and training, extensive experience, requiring them to enhance their awareness of the Quality Management System to ensure that the quality system functions effectively.


• Promoting activities for improvement of quality by enhancing effectiveness and efficiency to the benefits of both the Organization and Principals.


• Quality Policy



Arctic Shipping Corporation, hereinafter referred to as the Organization, has practiced and shall continue to practice policies to provide its Principals and Customers with efficient crew manning service and provide with competent and qualified seafarers. Hereinafter, the Organization shall adopt ISO 9001:2015 standard and quality management system and shall establish and implement a quality management system whose elements are in conformity with all the statutory and regulatory requirements.


We shall unceasingly and painstakingly strive to continuously improve our Quality Management System to achieve the objectives for quality and steadily strive to achieve the Organization’s Vision and Mission, and maintain the confidence of our Principals and all interested party/ies.


I, as the President of Arctic Shipping Corporation, designate the Operations Manager of the Crewing/Manning Department as the Quality Management Representative (QMR) and delegate the responsibilities and authority to establish, maintain and improve the Quality Management System. In line with this, all Department Heads and Managers will take part in the responsibility of ensuring that the company is heading towards a single direction in meeting compliance to the mandates of the Quality Management System.


This Quality Policy shall be fully understood by all the employees of this company.


• Quality Objectives


The Top management shall establish a main quality objective of PROVIDING QUALIFIED SEAFARERS to its Principal and ensure that quality objectives, including those needed to meet requirements for product (providing services for qualified seafarers), are established at relevant functions and levels within the organization. The quality objectives shall be measurable and consistent with the quality policy.



• Establish, approve and review quality policy and objectives to ensure their continuing suitability and improvement.


• Ensuring that established QMS is implemented, maintained in accordance with International Standard and reviewed for continuing improvements.


• Ensuring that only qualified seafarers are provided and dispatched to their respective vessels on time with Principal’s satisfaction.


• Ensuring that necessary assistance and resources (office personnel and equipment) are adequately provided and checked to its necessity and improvements to help seafarers.


• Ensuring that the Organization’s financial position is sound and that the financial requirements to implement the QMS are addressed and provided.