Leverage Your Shipping Career!



• In-House Training Program & Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS)


Arctic Shipping Corporation has recently implemented an In-House Training Program for its

Seafarers. We believe that there are no boundaries and limitations when it comes to learning; provided that the person is really determined and dedicated. This is also a good opportunity for our Seafarers to gain hands-on training and experience while acquiring knowledge regarding:


1.) basic functions, features, and use of computers (Windows-based)

2.) multiple modules and exercises

3.) general knowledge and education and many more.


Some key features/highlights of the In-House Training Program:


   • In-depth discussion of the ISM, ISPS, and Port State Vetting Inspection.

   • Upgrading of Deck Officers' knowledge in Ship Control Operation, Navigation and Cargo Handling as well as enhancing      their understanding of charter party requirements.

   • Upgrading of Engine Officers' knowledge in Ship Machinery Control pertaining to hydraulics, pneumatics,      heating/ventilation and air-conditioning as well with electrically/electronically/PLC-controlled systems.

   • In-depth discussion on maintenance and repair for all Deck and Engine Ratings.


Click here to learn more about the In-House Training Program (CBT).



Arctic Shipping Corporation is also accredited and authorized to conduct the Pre-Departure Orientation

Seminar (PDOS) for Seafarers before they depart or join a vessel. Through this, we are able to explain to them and let them understand the cause and effect of things to expect during their expedition (e.g. Anti-Piracy Awareness Seminar).






• Promotion Program


Arctic Shipping Corporation recognizes the importance of being able to accomplish something in life and

how achieving something 'big' feels great and fulfilling. The corporation also knows that each and every individual have dreams, ambitions, and the passion to succeed in life. These are just some of the few reasons why Arctic Shipping Corporation was established - to aid those people who, does not only hope, but also have the passion in fulfilling their dreams.


Ever since Arctic Shipping Corporation started, it had hoped to grow into something 'big' - successful,

established, stable, and a more secured organization. Through the years, with the help of its officers, officials, crew, and employees, it has become what it had hoped to be when it first started out and still continues to train potential seafarers and transform them into excellent officers that quickly advance through the ranks.


Therefore, if you are the type of person who has the passion to achieve something in life and be successful,

then Arctic Shipping Corporation is the company for you. Join our fleet and be one of the many people who have been with us through the years!