Online Privacy Policy


• How we collect information about you and what we collect:
We only collect data and information about you through e-mail, site forms, etc. (e.g. You send your Resume, Transcript of Records, etc. to us via e-mail). Thus, the only data we collect and store are simply the information that you provide us.

• What we do about the information we collect from you:

Arctic Shipping Corporation recognizes the importance of protecting your privacy. We do not, in any way, sell or trade any personal or sensitive information about you to any organization, company, and/or the like outside of Arctic Shipping Corporation and its operation.

• How we protect your privacy/information:
We only store collected data based on the information that you have provided us. These data or information are only accessible and available inside Arctic Shipping Corporation; we do not use, transfer, sell or trade any information about you outside of Arctic Shipping Corporation and its operation. Thus, giving you the assurance that we do not make-up details/information about you nor disclose it to outside parties.

• Online Privacy Policy
This privacy policy applies only to information collected online (e-mail, site forms, etc.) and not to information collected offline.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this online privacy policy, you may e-mail us at:



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